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Who Touched Me?

One of the sweetest episodes in the life of Jesus is found in His encounter with the woman who was bound by a hemorrhaging problem for twelve years. Can you imagine how horrible this poor woman must have felt in her culture? That physical condition would isolate her...

Did Adam And Eve Live Together?

If any couple were justified in living together, it certainly would have been Adam and Eve. After all, there were no other options. Also, they didn’t know about adultery or fornication because those sins didn’t exist yet. Thirdly, they were in the truest sense ‘made...

The Testimony of the Saints

The truth of God is under attack in our nation. We are being told today that there is no absolute truth. The moral condition of today’s society is that everyone is doing that which is right in his or her own eyes. In their determination for self rule, they are bent on attacking the truth of Scripture.

Excellent Things

Many Christians fall prey to the snare of boredom in their walk with Jesus Christ because they are feasting on the junk food of TV and a number of other things that may be lawful, but certainly do not edify.


In Ecclesiastes 7:14 we are told, In the day of adversity consider. You can look up the word adversity for yourself in a Strong's Concordance under #7451 (in the Hebrew) and you'll quickly see that it is not referring to a picnic in the park. We've all felt, to some...

Out Of Control

The Bible teaches us that in the last days mankind will be full of distress and perplexity. The word perplexity comes from a Greek word meaning no way out. In other words, things will be out of control. Things get out of control when they operate in opposition to...

I Am The Greatest!

When I was younger there was a famous heavyweight boxer who proclaimed, I am the greatest! Typically, that's the spirit of the world we live in. Looking out for self, indulging self, promoting self, etc. How contrary to the message of Jesus! Jesus tells us that for...

The Lord God Almighty Reigns!

Psalm 97:1  The LORD reigneth; let the earth rejoice; let the multitude of isles be glad thereof. 1 Chronicles 16:31  Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth  rejoice: and let men say among the nations, The LORD reigneth. These 3 words, “The Lord reigns”, are the...

A Better Way

One evening I was watching a Gayle Erwin video on the nature of Jesus. In that particular section he was pointing out things that our modern church has that the early church didn't have. Likewise, he listed things that we both have in common. Think that through in...

Forbearing One Another in Love

Our faith in The Lord Jesus Christ is a relational faith. It is a relation that is first and foremost with God. But it is also a relation with one another. Jesus was asked the question, Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt...

Who Is Running This Planet?

There are always divine strings attached between the purposes of God and the affairs of men on earth. Sin is insane, and our planet has gone mad. At the end of the day, our only refuge is in the fact that God rules. He is neither Democrat nor Republican or Libertarian.


I'm convinced more than ever that Satan's fuel in the believer's life is excuses. Now that might seem a bit harsh at first but think this through with me. Proverbs 26:13 talks about making excuses. The individual here mentions the presence of a lion in the street...

Harmless as Doves

God commands His children to be sheep in the midst of wolves, as people who are harmless as doves. But when sheep and doves are anointed by The Spirit of God and speaking the truth in love, they are considered to be a threat to fallen man’s ways of thinking and living.

True Encounters with God

If the church is going to do the work that Christ has called us to do and if the church is going to be holy as our God is holy, then the church will need a true encounter with The Lord Jesus Christ. Lord, show us your glory! Let us not be content reading about it.

The Litmus Test for Giving

It is not possible to give anything to God for the simple reason that God owns everything. It is also not possible to deceive God. The Lord knows exactly who is giving willingly out of true devotion to Him and who is giving just to be seen by others.

The Proper Focus

With so many evangelical voices today, it can become quite confusing in determining how God intends me to respond. We have (and deeply need) ministries that zero in on families, prayer, singles, prisons, the unsaved, discipleship, and so forth. Each one is indeed both...

The Faith To Stand Alone

Jesus Christ has set before us two invitations in Scripture. The first is the call to salvation, Come to Me. The objective of God the Holy Ghost is to make you and me disciples of Jesus Christ. We are to put on the Lord Jesus Christ, imitate Him, think like Him. If we...

Get Excited!

I was reading Colossians 3:2 and, as is so often the case when I study the Scriptures, I ran across an interesting translation of this verse. The King James Version reads, Set your affection on things above. However, the Greek meaning in a literal sense is to interest...


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