Heb 10.25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some [is]; but exhorting [one another]: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

Secular society is at war with God. John calls the spirit of this world “antichrist”. This war against God is intentional and wicked. It seems that even in my lifetime, secular society has been “in the face” of those who follow Christ. Our Scripture talks about the importance of gathering together, and so much more as we see the day of Christ’s return nearing. Now we know that Jesus has met all the demands of God’s law perfectly. Thus, He is now our rest, but for many people professing Christ, they interpret that to mean that SUNDAY is just like any other day.

Now I agree that we worship God every day of the week. But may I suggest to you beloved that many are forsaking corporate fellowship with God’s people in favor of some sport activity or event that coincides with The Lord’s Day? Think about this. How many Orthodox Jewish children play sports on their Sabbath? How many Muslim children engage in events that conflict with their holy day? The answer? If they are truly devout, none. Why? Because their faith in God has priority over society. They will not allow the pressure of society to interfere with their corporate expression of worship. I am not endorsing their belief system, beloved, I am making an appeal to the body of Christ to wage a counterattack against secular society when it comes to The Lord’s Day or any other time of corporate gatherings of worship. I know that our work schedules require us to work on Sundays. But I see more and more of God’s people engaging less and less for corporate worship and fellowship throughout the week as well for many other reasons than ever before.

Where do we draw the line, beloved? When there is a conflict with the practice of your faith and a secular society event, who wins? “Seek ye first the kingdom of God” is still our Lord’s command to His disciples.  Selah.