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The Gospel According To Job

Job is one of the Bible characters that people admire, but they want no part of the life that makes one admirable. Job was mentioned by Ezekiel alongside of Noah and Daniel as great men of God.1 God himself called Job His servant, unlike any on earth at the time,...

The Fruit Of Refreshment

Onesiphorus is referred to by Paul as a brother who often refreshed him.1 The Greek word for refreshed means “to relieve or cool down.” Paul, writing from prison acknowledges thanks for the refreshing ministry of his brother. How important for us to follow in the...

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Pastor Ray is the Senior Pastor at Koinonia Fellowship, 500 Main Street, East Rochester, NY 14445.

Our purpose at Koinonia is fellowship; that is what the Greek word “koinonia” means. We want to see people growing in their fellowship with the Lord and with His people. Our ministries and outreaches provide opportunities for personal involvement, whether it is in receiving ministry or using your gifts and talents to minister to others.

Join us for Sunday services at 8:15, 10:00 and 11:45 am, Sunday evening Bible study at 6:30 pm, and Wednesday night service at 7 pm. Childcare is available on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, with activities for children of all ages.

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Pastor Ray on the 4-fold Ministry of Koinonia

Glorify Christ

This morning we conclude our series on the 4 fold vision statement of Koinonia Fellowship with the last point being glorify Christ. Our vision statement is to Know Christ, Grow in Christ, Proclaim Christ and bring Him glory. Actually, glorifying Christ is the...

Proclaim Christ

After Knowing Christ and Growing in Christ, we move on to our 3rd vision statement, which is to Proclaim Christ. We will see this morning that at the end of each gospel and the first chapter of the Book of Acts, the church is given the mandate to preach the gospel....

Grow In Christ

God calls each and every one of us to be 'Body Builders'. That is what this 2nd part of our church vision statement is about. Growing in Christ. The goal of the Christian life is not sinless perfection, but continual, steady growth in The Lord. While this growth in...

About Me

I am the Lead Pastor of Koinonia Fellowship, a husband, father and grandfather. I also serve on the worship team as one of the drummers.

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