Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost, but what was the gospel that He commanded us to preach? Was it a message that God promises you health and wealth? Don’t need Jesus for that, friends. Join any health club, eat organic food, and attend a financial motivational speaker’s seminars, and chances are, if you are diligent, you will be healthier and wealthier. Of course absolutely none of those things can do anything about your sin problem.

Another more subtle message is that if you “come to Jesus”, He will save your broken marriage, or get your rebellious son or daughter out of trouble. While Jesus Christ is most certainly “in the business” of restoring broken relationships and rescuing wayward children from a life of trouble or crime, neither are the gospel message. Nor do they have any bearing on whether or not your sin is forgiven.

Other blatantly write ” best selling books” that tell us that you can have your best life now, or turn to Jesus, and He will help you to speak and think positively. I guess that the apostles and those written about in Fox’s book of Martyrs never learned that! It seems to me that even churches that were at one time really orthodox in their evangelism have now decided that the gospel is simply too offensive for people in our day and age, so let’s water down the message.

Never talk about sin, or what God says about their sinful condition by nature and choice, because it only offends them and makes people feel uncomfortable (Rom 3.10-19).  Telling them that they are sinners may even alienate them from Jesus (Luke 13.1-5). God forbid that you should talk about picking up a cross and following Jesus if you want to be His disciples. We don’t “do crosses” in our modern culture. Really? Check out Luke 14.25-33. We want comfort, ease, artsy living where I can walk with “God” on my terms. Really? Ever read about the rich young ruler in Mark 10.17-22?

Beloved, the truth of the gospel is beautiful, but it is also offensive and foolish to an unconverted person. The gospel of Jesus Christ even offends people who are self righteous and spiritual  (John 3.1-21). The gospel of Jesus Christ is offensive to any and all world religions, because it proclaims faith in Christ alone as The  Only Way to heaven (Acts 17.22-31). It is in fact the nail in the coffin to our allegiance to this world system (Gal 6.14).

Yes, Jesus Christ did come to save a fallen, broken, fractured and sinful mankind. But He does not save anybody apart from repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ (Acts 20.21). The cross of Calvary is a message of forgiveness of sin, and reconciliation with God (2 Cor 5.17-21). Make your calling and election sure.