Matthew 22.37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

This of course was Jesus’ reply to the question, what is the greatest commandment. Amen to His response. But what does it mean to worship God with all thy mind? Does it mean that God wants us to get smarter? Does it mean that God expects us to “go toe to toe” with the latest social crisis and “show the world” that us Christians are no dummies, nor are we pushovers. I don’t think so. Of course we should bring to bear the truth of Scripture when discussing any crisis or topic of discussion. But I am afraid, beloved that we are in an era of pseudo-Christianity, where buzz words like relevance are as important as righteousness.

Loving God with all of our mind does not mean that we are to worship our brains, or the brains of others. Loving God with all of our mind has nothing to do with intelligence or the amassing of information. Loving God with all of our mind simply means that we will have the mind of Christ. A mind that is set on things above. A mind that that is replacing my way of thinking with God’s. If the Scriptures are able to make a child wise unto the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, it must not be necessary for “a scholar” to explain it with a thousand-page book that includes key Hebrew or Greek nuances that “unlock God’s plan of salvation” like never before!! It never ceases to amaze me how multi page books are written to explain a few bible verses. The latest and greatest 500 page exposition on I Am The Vine and you are the branches. Try this. Go outside and find a vine. Take a real good look at it. Jesus is the Vine, and we are the branches. Cut off one of the branches and take it home. Let’s say that branch is you. Go back to that same vine a few days later and see what that branch that you cut off looks like in comparison to the ones abiding on the vine. There you have it. That’s what Jesus was saying.  Apart from staying close to Him and in communion with Him, you and I are fruitless and dead. I’ve just saved you $15, not counting the shipping and handling charges. Books are great, dear ones, especially those that make you think highly and more spectacularly of God. But really, is there any other book that can make your soul soar to the heights of heaven like Scripture?

Loving God with all of your mind means that you will love God’s Word more than the word of men. It means that you will seek to model your life after Jesus. It means that you will love being in His presence and spending time alone with Him. It means that as you submit yourself to being a doer of The Word, you will be a fruit bearing branch for the glory of God, even if you cannot explain how it happens scientifically or philosophically.