Corinth was a city that prided itself as being a center of eloquent orators. That was a typical notion of the Greek and Roman world of the time. Like Corinth, our day and age is captivated by mesmerizing orators and motivational speakers. The “mantra” of the day is the man- centered message of “be happy at any cost”, or be positive by avoiding any “negativity”, be it relationships or situations that “bring you down.” The common thread of all of these messages are rooted in man’s ability and potential. Oh, how contrary those messages are to the record of man in Scripture! Though made in the image of God, we are sinners who by nature and choice fall short of God’s glory and honor. The bible in no way, shape or form elevates human potential or earthly, worldly wisdom. Any so called “gospel” that magnifies man or depends upon man’s power or wisdom is not the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Apparently Paul was not a “gifted orator” according to the world’s standards. The highly sophisticated crowd at Athens called him a “seed picker”. We know that when Paul preached the gospel in Corinth, many called it unsophisticated and foolish. There is nothing new under the sun, beloved. The message of the cross, and by that I mean it’s One Way of salvation, that places those who embrace Christ on a narrow and holy path of life that is contrary to the tolerant, everybody “doing that which is right in their own eyes” message of society. Face it beloved, when you purpose to walk with Christ and share His truth, you can kiss goodbye any thoughts of being popular in the eyes of this world.

The natural tendency is to become cynical and downright angry with everyone and about everything. Avoid having any contact with the lost at all times. That is not the Spirit of God, saints! Despite the reaction of people, we are commanded to love The Lord our God supremely and our neighbor as ourselves. And when we are given an open door to share the gospel, may we do it lovingly and with confidence, not in ourselves or our ability to save or deliver others, but in the power of a The Living God. Beloved, do not allow your faith to rest in human wisdom or eloquent speakers. May your faith today be in the wisdom and power of God. Not charismatic or “gifted” speakers…..not any human instrument! But only in The Lord Jesus Christ, for He and He alone is both the wisdom and power of God.
1 Cor 1.18-2.1-5; John 1-6;Acts 4.12; Judges 21.25; 1 Peter 3.15