Knowing that we are saved by grace through faith, and not of works, has caused some believers to flee at any mention of good works. Let us never forget that the saving grace of God will be practically expressed by good works.

A proper understanding and interpretation of Scripture will cause us to be furnished for all good works. Likewise, when a person’s life is sanctified by God’s Holy Spirit, the result will be a vessel unto honor, prepared for every good work.

The household of faith is to be a community of believers who do good to all, and provoke one another to do good works. However, it is an Audience of One that we seek to please when we give, pray, or fast.

Motivated by God’s love, these works enable us to shine as lights in a dark world, and in doing so, we bring glory to our heavenly Father. Loveless activities may impress man, but they grieve the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

A lack of good works is a sign of a false profession of faith. We have been redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ that we might be “zealous for good works.” However, may we be careful to maintain good works for necessary uses.

Yes, “faith without works is dead”, but our precious Lord Jesus is our model for good works.