I still remember watching a sci-fi movie as a little boy by the title of “When Worlds Collide”. Strangely enough, that reminded me of how the kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world are forever in conflict. One is light, the other darkness. One is the way of Truth, the other is the way of error. One brings forth holiness, the other ungodliness. The one kingdom has Jesus as it’s Hero, the other has the devil.

Did you notice that there is no third kingdom of which a person can be a citizen? You are either in the one or the other. If you are not radically “pro-Jesus” then you are against Jesus.

As we ponder the fact that we have been chosen by God to be holy and blameless, may we take spiritual inventory today. Does my passion for Jesus govern every area of my life? Jesus loved the people in the world, but not once did He betray the kingdom that He came to establish in our hearts. With whom do you feel more at home, with the saints or the unsaved? Whose “philosophies” do you agree with more, those of Scripture or society?

Dear Lord Jesus, for the glory and honor of Your Holy Name, make us holy just as You are.