Our God only does wondrous things. No matter how things feel, no matter how bleak our circumstances may be, this we know — our God is doing something wonderful. That is partly because our Lord Jesus is wonderful Himself.

The God of Scripture alone is God. He is the Great God who does wondrous things. The problem with us is that we often fail to see the wondrous things God is doing.

Asaph purposed to remember the wonders that God had done in his life. Scripture cites that one of the reasons for Israel turning back in the day of battle was because they forgot the wonders God had shown them.

Communion reminds us of the wonder of redemption through the cross of Jesus Christ. The elements remind us of the sacrifice that He made to make us righteous before God. In celebrating the grace of Jesus towards us, may we along with the heavens, praise His wondrous works.

We live in the dispensation of wonders. However, we do not seek or follow wonders for wonders’ sake. Rather, we seek the God of Wonders, for He alone is Holy!