“As he thinks in his heart, so is he.” How interesting – the connection between our heart and our thinking. Renewing our mind is vital for spiritual health. The mind that we are to seek is the mind of Christ, the mind of the Spirit.

Before our new birth in Christ, our thinking was twisted according to this fallen world system; blinded from the truth by the god of this world.

To live after the carnal mind is death. Thus we are exhorted to pull down those worldly, ungodly thoughts and think godly thoughts.

The mind that is spiritually focused will reject evil thoughts. The psalmist declared, “I hate vain thoughts.” The planet we live on is a battleground for the mind. Only a life that is saturated in God’s Word and set on things above can be pure.

We cannot stop unholy thoughts from happening, but we do not need to entertain them or feed them. A pure life is the visible evidence of a pure heart and sound mind.

May our study verses today not fall upon deaf ears. If you want to trash your life, put garbage in your mind. Think about it.