The church has always had to contend with the anti-Christian values of its surrounding culture. This fallen world system is not designed to honor Jesus Christ, or make following Him easy. For centuries, the church has set aside the first day of the week, or Sunday, most commonly known as The Lord’s Day, as the day when Christians would gather together to celebrate His resurrection from the dead. It is on this day that the church would gather together to worship our Risen King, receive instruction from His Word, fellowship with one another and pray. This has been the tradition that has been held for nearly 2,000 years. But in recent church history, this blessed day has become an option.

With the advent of modern technology, many have opted to become an “at home” Christian on The Lord’s Day for a number of reasons. Toss into the mix the pressure to get things done around the house because you are working 70 hours a week. Add to that the pressure to attend the various amounts of adult and children’s sports or other activities, and The Lord’s Day no longer belongs to Him and to bring Him glory, but to us and to do what we choose to do.

Of course we know that church attendance does not save us. But there is a casual and borderline “take it or leave it” mindset about The Lord’s Day that is begetting other compromises which are having devastating consequences on the impact of the church in this fallen world system. May God give us ears to hear His Spirit today.