The Biblical admonition to exhort one another cannot be described with a “one-size-fits-all” definition. It is a word that is defined by the context of when it is used. For an individual who is reeling under the cloud of despondency, it will take the form of being comforted. For those who are unruly and out of order, it will take the form of strong warning. For those who are slacking in their callings and giftings, it will come in the form of being stirred up. One thing that this “one another” teaches us is this: Everybody in the body of Christ is in dire need of accountability to stay on track with Jesus Christ.

So as we explore this subject of exhorting one another, we will quickly see that we will find ourselves at various times to be on both the giving and receiving ends of this important aspect of becoming a disciple of The Lord Jesus Christ. At times we will need to be challenged and stirred up. At other times we will need to be comforted. At other times we will need to be rebuked and put back on the narrow path. May The Holy Spirit equip each one of us to be the kind of exhorters that glorify The Name of Jesus and produce good fruit.