What changes would you make in your life if Jesus “moved in” to your apartment or home or college dorm? What changes would you make in your business if Jesus became your “silent partner”? What changes would occur in your marriage if Jesus spent an entire month with you?

If you’re anything like me, these questions challenge me to the very core of my being. For one thing, I would probably consider more carefully the choice of words that I use. I’m sure that with Jesus looking over my shoulder I’d probably be far less selfish and demanding. No doubt, I’d pay more careful attention to the needs of my wife and children.

What about the content of my phone conversations? It’s not likely to contain gossip. Judgmental, unloving things would not be spoken either; no, not with Jesus around. What would I watch on television? What movie might I watch on Netflix? If my neighbor invited me over, would I ask if Jesus could come too? After all, wouldn’t I want my neighbor to know that I take in those kind of people?

If Jesus were my roommate would it change my Bible reading? How about church gatherings for worship and teaching? I’d probably be more generous in my giving.

Hey wait a minute! If I belong to Jesus, He does live with me! In fact, He has moved into my heart. The moral of the story? It’s time for some changes in this lifestyle. How about you?