The Christian faith isn’t a hunch. Nor is it the best possible choice out of a banquet of religious options. No, Luke wrote that we ‘may know the certainty of those things in which (we) were instructed.’ Notwithstanding all of the questions and uncertainties we all face in discerning and understanding the purposes of God for our lives, there is at the very foundation of our faith absolute certainties.

For example, we know that we are living in ‘the last hour’ because of the presence of so many antichrists. We can be certain that we are God’s children, and we shall one day be like Jesus. We also know Jesus is going to appear again very soon to take us home. We have the assurance that we have been made new creatures in Christ because of the love that He has put into our hearts for one another. Furthermore, the indwelling Spirit of God provides us with additional assurance that Jesus dwells in our hearts. How precious it is to have confidence in Christ’s ability to keep my soul!

Let’s remember the dear price that was paid to redeem our souls from the power of sin and the kingdom of darkness. What a wonderful certainty we have that we are no longer under condemnation, but are free in Christ!

Friend, have you trusted Jesus Christ for salvation? Do you believe His gospel? Have you confessed Him as Lord of your life? Why don’t you do that today? Then you will know that you have eternal life!