There are many metaphors used to describe the Christian life. One of them is that it is called a walk. Walking is a very natural thing to do. I find it interesting that something so natural in days gone by is now called exercise!

As followers of The Lord Jesus Christ, we have been redeemed out of the world to live as His ambassadors in the world. But to be those ambassadors, we are called to walk differently than we did before we were saved. We have already learned in a previous section of this letter that walking with The Lord is also likened to taking off the old clothing of the old life and putting on new clothes of holiness, righteousness and truth.

This walk that we are called to is one that follows, howbeit imperfectly, the example of Our Lord Jesus Christ. John said it quite bluntly: ‘He that says he abides in Him, ought himself to walk even as He walked.’ (1 John 2:6) While it is wonderful to have earthly, godly examples, the One standard that God gives us to follow is His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, for only He is the perfect image of what God is like. Of course, walking with Christ is a supernatural work of God’s Spirit that transforms us on the inside and makes us new creatures. Thus, Paul will confront us with evidences of a person who has not been truly regenerated.

May The Spirit of God quicken our hearts and minds with His truth, and in doing so, know where we stand before The Lord, and make our calling and election sure.