This morning we conclude the section of Corinthians that deals with the subject of “Christian liberty” and the eating of meat that has been offered up to idols. While the subject of eating meat offered unto idols is not an issue in our culture, the biblical principles of dealing with involvement in “questionable things” are timeless and as necessary today as ever. Are there biblical guidelines that I can follow when I am confronted with an issue where my convictions differ from another Christian’s? What am I to do when I am being asked to do something biblically questionable by someone who is unsaved?

While our study this morning will not answer every possible question you may have, I do hope and pray that it will cause us to think more seriously about what to do when we are put into those kinds of situations. The bottom line is that when we find ourselves in those kinds of “questionable” situations, we are called to walk in love and do whatever we do for the glory of God. I cannot walk in love or the glory of God while I am walking in selfishness and intentionally offending others. To please Christ and bring Him glory is the goal of Christian liberty. Not I, but Christ!! Selah.