Paul the Apostle called upon the church at Philippi to live in harmony in Jesus. There was no question that they were saved; in fact, he specifically wrote to two sisters in Christ whose names were written in heaven, but who couldn’t agree on spiritual issues. The divisions in the church at Corinth revealed their carnality by being followers of men.

Unity in Christ is a fact. It is something we are exhorted to keep, not create. Unity in Christ manifests itself in different expressions of giftings, administrations, and operations. Being in one body does not mean absolute uniformity of vision or expressions of worship.

Jesus’ prayer for His body to be one was answered. However, in His body, there are many members; thus there is room for variety or distinctions within His body. In those members, call it the local church, we are called to like-mindedness. There is need for agreement under Jesus’ headship if a body desires to flow in the Spirit.

Paul mentioned enemies of unity – strife, vainglory, and selfishness. Proverbs declares that God hates a person who sows discord or division amongst the body.

May we hear and heed God’s truth on this matter.