The body of Christ is called a family. We are one body and one family. Our “oneness” stems from Jesus’ brokenness on behalf of us all.

Satan knows that a house divided cannot stand, and thus he is constantly seeking to sow division5 and discord. So as we break bread and drink the cup, may we do so reverently and worshipfully. May we truly allow the elements to remind us of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made to remove our sin debt and sinful ways.

Jesus died to make us whole, but He also died to make us one. His sacrifice reminds us how important fellowship in the body is. Each member of the body of Christ needs one another. When you and I dwell together in unity, the blessings of God are poured out, and the prayer of Jesus is manifested.

“Father, cause that unity of the Spirit to flow through me so as to bring pleasure to my Lord Jesus and glory to Your name.”