Do you serve Christ conditionally? That, in essence, was the argument that Satan had lodged against Job. In other words, Satan’s viewpoint was, “Why wouldn’t Job serve You, Jehovah? Look at his family, his financial abundance, his health. Of course he serves You, but he does so because of Your blessings upon his life, not because he simply loves You!”

Although in Job’s case Satan was incorrect, how would you and I respond to this type of inquiry? How would we measure up under such scrutiny? Honestly, are we, as much as lies within us, serving Jesus because He really is enough? Is Jesus, and Jesus alone, our portion and the motivation for our service?

Paul not only counted all things that were gain to him as loss, but he also “suffered the loss of all things and count(ed) them as rubbish”. Was he a superman of some kind? No. He, like you and I, had to count the cost of following Jesus.

Unlike Job and Paul, Judas Iscariot could be bought. None of us in this mortal body are giving the Lord 100% all of the time, but are we totally committed to Him, regardless of external circumstances, good or bad? What pleasure is worth betraying Him? What tragedy is cause to forsake Him?

Unconditional atonement is the reason for unconditional surrender. God forbid that we should live any other way. Jesus is the Lord and He is worthy to be praised!