Today we celebrate our freedom as a nation. Our history is filled with heroic acts of men and women who have laid down their lives for our freedom. How thankful we are for such sacrifices that have been made, and are presently being made, in order that our freedom can be preserved.

However, even people who live in a democratic free country are still held hostage to the slavery of sin. We are born bound to obedience to this fallen world system, which lies in wickedness because the system itself is in the hands of the devil.

Is there a way to be set free from this life of darkness and misery? Yes, there is one Way, and His name is Jesus. It is the truth which Jesus gives that makes us free. Jesus is Truth Incarnate, who laid down His life on Calvary for our sin in order that we who believe in Him with our heart might be saved.

Oh the price that the Father paid to set us free! “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” What unspeakable joy there is for those who trust Jesus!

Spiritual freedom is not found in religious forms15 or formulas, but in Jesus alone!