The Scriptures tell us that there are three forms of service: eyeservice, lip service, and heart service. While eyeservice merely looks good to others, and lip service only sounds good, service from the heart is true and pure and the only kind that is acceptable to Jesus. You see, God knows our hearts and our motives. Therefore, if we find ourselves getting mechanical or needing a crowd to serve before, it’s time to go to the throne of mercy and get our hearts right before God. Whether we are called to plant or water in the work of the Lord is unimportant. What is important is the motive behind the service.

The only acceptable motive for serving Jesus is love. Anything done apart from love may get temporary ‘results’, but you can be sure that there will be no lasting reward. Jesus said the Pharisees did many wonderful religious things, but for the wrong reasons. Every one of us needs to constantly ask our Lord to purify our hearts and motives.

Paul could say that it was the love of Christ that constrained him to serve. Can you agree with him? If you are serving the Lord from your heart, there will be joy, fruitfulness, and the necessary grace to complete the task He has given you.

It’s easy enough to talk about serving the Lord, but God wants us to be doers of His Word. Every believer has work to do in the kingdom and for the kingdom. We’ve all been blessed by God with talents and abilities that are to be used to edify each other and glorify the Lord. However, it may be better not to do something than to do it grudgingly because that kind of attitude gives people the wrong impression about serving Jesus, who clearly stated, “My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Is your walk with Jesus or your ministry for Him becoming a chore? Just a job, or a ‘duty’? Then precious saint, get alone with Jesus and renew your marriage vows to Him. Tell Him who or what troubles you. And remember, your life is your ministry so whatever you do should be an overflow of a loving, intimate relationship with Him.