The marriage union is a covenant that is actually a triad – the triad being the husband, the wife, and the Lord. Really, without Jesus being Lord of each heart, they can do nothing. So, immediately we find that the most important factor in a marriage is each spouse’s relationship with Jesus. Granted, by the grace of God (whether admitted or not), couples have had “successful” marriages as far as worldly standards go, but for disciples of Jesus Christ, the measure of “success” is faithfulness to Him.

Marriage, Scripture tells us, symbolizes Jesus’ relationship with the Church. So we find that Biblically, marriage is a ministry with each spouse submitting to the other in the fear of God; the head and the helper working and serving Jesus together. No power trips, no gender rank here, but in matrimonial union the man and woman simply accepting and living according to the Biblical design. The husband and wife work in concert, in harmony with one another, to glorify the Lord Jesus, praying for and with one another, involved side by side in ministry together. This, by the way, can be true even if they are not involved in the same tasks all the time, for their roles are designed by God to compliment and strengthen one another.

The two become one, which means there is no “superstar” or dominant sex. Marriage is not for idealists for this marriage covenant is an object of Satan’s scorn and hatred. There are good and bad days in every marriage, laughs as well as tears. But, through it all, the two are becoming one. While they do not lose their unique, individual identities, yet they become one with Christ in a supernatural way, and in Christ they truly become one with each other.

Let the Lord build your home. Let agape rule in each and every situation. Keep Jesus central in each of your hearts. That’s the key to two becoming one.