John the Apostle was changed from a man with a fiery temper into a man of love by virtue of his relationship and fellowship with Jesus Christ, both while Jesus was on earth, and after His Ascension into heaven. And yet, nobody would write more about the truth than John. Five times in the short epistle of 2nd John, he makes reference to the truth. The fact of the matter is, you cannot have real love without truth, and without truth, you cannot really love.

Jesus Himself is “the truth”, personified; and He has promised freedom to all those who continue in His truth. On the other hand, the wrath of God is against those who suppress the truth, or change the truth into a lie.

True love rejoices in the truth. John rejoiced to see people walking in the truth. Paul, on the other hand, withstood Peter for not walking in the truth, because that was causing others to stumble. When it comes to the truth, you are either on the right side or the wrong side.

Scripture speaks of men with corrupt minds who resist the truth. It also warns of those who would turn away their ears from the truth. God’s Word – and no other religious book – is absolute truth. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only truth that can save sinners. For all who love not God’s truth, there is only damnation to look forward to.

So listen to Jesus, saints, for He will never lead you astray.