King Herod was troubled at the news of the birth of Jesus.1 This was because, if Jesus were King – and indeed He is2 – then Herod was no longer in that place of supremacy.

How important it is for us to resist that spirit of Herod. Herod acted like he was interested in Jesus, but he really was a paranoid despot who was in fear of losing power. He even went so far as to request the location where Jesus would be born3 so he could supposedly come and “worship” Him.4 Actually, his purported desire to “worship” Jesus was in order for him to accomplish his own goals.5

I wonder how many people despise the Lordship of Jesus,6 but have no problem “using” Him to achieve their own desires,7 like securing a sale or obtaining a spouse.

May our hearts be tender and sincere before our glorious King Jesus today! No ulterior motives hidden in the chambers of our hearts.8 Not even worshipping Him because of all He’s done for us,9 as wonderful as that is, but simply as did the wise men,10 worshipping Him11 for who He is.12

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