You remember that Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat or touch the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden. How interesting that man, before the fall, was forbidden to touch that tree, but today because of God’s Lamb, Jesus Christ, man is invited to ‘Come to Jesus’ and touch Him. When the leper was touched by the Master, his leprosy left him. Peter’s mother-in-law was healed of the fever when Jesus touched her. The woman with the issue of blood was delivered from 12 years of affliction when she touched the hem of His garment.

Reader, this same Jesus is ready to touch you today. Perhaps you need, like the woman with the issue of blood, to exercise that measure of faith and purpose to touch Him.6 Some of us get so caught up in the affairs of this world that we, like the two blind men, need to have Jesus touch our eyes that they might be opened7 to see beyond the physical. As many as touched Him were made whole.

The Lord’s touch is complete. We do not need to be afraid of God’s touch; we only need to fear that we miss it. When Spirit-filled believers agree to touch God through prayer, things happen. A sensitive observation of Scripture reveals that our Lord’s compassion is connected with His touch. We are exhorted to not touch the unclean thing, and yet the thrice-Holy God touches us. How comforting to know that we serve a living Savior who is never out of touch with our hurts. We can confidently face this life because, even at its worst, the wicked one cannot touch us.

As I sit here today by the River Jordan, I, like others, desire a fresh touch from the Master. That touch comes to us when we leap into the Lord’s loving arms by faith. The only hindrance to a touch from God is unbelief. Don’t doubt His power to forgive, heal, or deliver you today. Trust Him with your Jericho, and lift your voice in thanksgiving for His never-ending compassion.