By a ‘submissive husband’ I mean a husband who is submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ. When a person truly submits to Christ, he or she will be submissive to His Word. Thus, for a Christian couple to be submitted to God requires both husband and wife to be submissive to the Word of God.

It is interesting that God only tells the husband that his prayer life will be hindered if he is not dwelling with his wife according to knowledge. Whose knowledge is Peter talking about here? God’s knowledge. Thus it becomes clear to me that if I am serious about following Jesus and loving my wife as He loves me, I had better not only listen, but also do what He says.

Men, God tells us to treat our wives certain ways because He understands how women respond! We are foolish to toss aside God’s wisdom and substitute it with ‘how I feel’ or ‘That’s how my Italian Dad ran the house.’ (Yeah, right into the ground!) By following the Lord’s instructions, we can be confident that our prayers will be heard, not hindered.

Brothers, are you and I leading our wives to Christ, or driving them to Him?