Pride is perhaps the gravest sin in humans. It overestimates self and underestimates God and others. The Bible tells us quite a bit about this ugly sin. For one thing, God hates pride and arrogance in any area of life, whether it is spiritual pride (like the Pharisees exhibited), mental pride (exalting intelligence), social pride (a personal caste system), or physical pride (worshiping beauty, athleticism, etc.).

Mark it well, saints; God hates pride and will judge it. One reason is that, “By pride comes nothing but strife,” meaning pride always leads to inter-personal problems. Another translation of this verse reads, “Only by pride comes contention”; therefore, whenever there is contention, pride must be present. Pride starts quarrels, sows discord, and puts others down in order to lift up self.

We’re all familiar with the ‘proud as a peacock’ image of pride, when a person ‘struts his stuff’. However, a proud person can also be one who is very quiet and calm, never admitting to having any problems or needs. This type of pride even denies the need for Christian fellowship and prayer, contrary to the exhortations of the Bible. This form of pride makes it a point to act holy, disguising itself behind a mask of strength, and is always doing ‘just fine.’

However, in reality pride is the path of destruction. A new believer who has ‘skyrocketed’ spiritually is cautioned against desiring a place of church leadership lest he be lifted up with pride.

Scripture declares more than once that God is actively opposed to the proud, and will destroy his house. Again, this is because, “He who is of a proud heart stirs up strife”. Pride has caused heartaches, divorces, and wars, destroyed businesses and split churches, and was even the downfall of an exalted, angelic worship leader!

Pride puts self – ‘rights’, dreams, goals, and even ministries – on the throne instead of Jesus Christ. May we all continually repent of every trace of pride in our lives and follow the perfect example of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who clothed Himself with humility.