The age that we now live in is ruled by the god of this world, the devil. In fact, Paul referred to the fallen world system as the “course of this world,” acknowledging the devil’s influence, especially on the unsaved. And John taught that the evil spiritual influence which permeates fallen society is antichrist.

The Bible teaches that there is a person known as Antichrist, who is also called “the son of perdition”. He is the first rider on a white horse in the book of Revelation. However, John also referred to “the spirit of the Antichrist”.

This word “antichrist” not only means against, but also ‘in place of’ or ‘a substitute for’. Now no true Christian would ever bow the knee to the person of Antichrist, but we need to always be on guard against the spirit of antichrist. John broke down for us the very basis of the world, or this spirit of antichrist.

The gospel, or ‘good news’, is that through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ we are delivered out of this world of darkness. As we draw near to God and abstain from fleshly lusts, we walk in the victory that overcomes the world and the spirit of antichrist.

Follow Jesus Christ, saints! Set your heart on heavenly things. Do not accept or allow any substitutes!