Because of a private interpretation of Matthew 16:13-20, some have taught that Peter is the rock of the church. Oh really? As we continue our study of Peter’s first epistle this morning, it is pretty obvious that if he was the rock of the church (which he isn’t), either he didn’t realize it, or somebody forgot to tell him.

Any serious student of Scripture knows that the solid rock of the church is the living, resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself taught that He was this rejected stone. If you receive Him as your Lord, He will break your heart and make you whole; however, if you reject Him, you will be ground into powder.

There is salvation in none other than this Rock, Jesus Christ. Isaiah prophesied of the Rock to come, and he wasn’t talking about Peter! Peter himself called Jesus his God and Savior. Do you? Is your faith in a religious system, or in the risen Lord? If there is anything we can learn from Peter, it is to trust in Jesus, not in him. Jesus told Peter, “Feed My sheep”, not ‘Lead My sheep’.

Peter built his life on Christ, the solid Rock. That is, he built his life on His word, because that’s what Jesus taught Peter for three years. What are you building your life on?