The substance1 of our faith is the Lord God Himself. Not until Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory enters into our lives can we have true Biblical faith. Every person exercises faith to one degree or another each and every day. When we step on the brakes of our car, we have faith they will work. People around the world claim to have “faith in God”.

However, Scripture talks about the faith “once for all delivered to the saints.” This faith once delivered is the faith we have both in and from the Deliverer Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our shield of faith is a gift from God that has been measured out to each and every one of His children. We can no more have this faith apart from Christ than we can create ourselves! This shield of faith quenches the fiery darts of our adversary, the devil. This shield of faith is not “positive thinking” or “possibility thinking”; it is the reality of the Spirit of the living God in my life strengthening me “both to will and do for His good pleasure.”

Cultivate your fellowship with Jesus, precious saints. Spend quiet time with open Bibles before Him; be still and know that He is God! He is also your shield and exceedingly great reward! Bless His worthy name today!