If there is one nation on earth that has “Preferred Nation” status, that nation is Israel. God’s word declares Israel to be His “special treasure”, and the LORD Himself told Moses to tell the Israelites that if they walked in obedience and kept His covenant, they would be a special treasure to Him above all people.

This nation, tiny in both geography and number of inhabitants, is the apple of Jehovah’s eye. God warns that whoever touches this apple4 is messing with Him! There can be no mistake about this special relationship that exists between God and Israel. Among the many Torah commandments given to this nation was the command to maintain, or keep the Sabbath day. This seventh day rest is a sign between Jehovah and Israel, not the Church.

When God provided manna for Israel in the wilderness, He gave them twice as much on the sixth day so that they could enjoy the Sabbath that He gave them. “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy” is not a command to the Church. The Sabbath symbolizes rest. After six days of creation, God rested. Israel is to work six days, keeping the Sabbath holy to the Lord.

This practice is still maintained today in Israel, and it’s the children of Israel who are to maintain this observance perpetually. One of the psalms is specifically given for the Sabbath day. This special day was not intended to be a gloomy restriction, but rather a cheerful delight, resulting in blessing. It’s a time to sit before the Lord and soak in His presence. During the 1,000-year reign of Christ, all flesh will be Sabbath keepers.

When Jesus was accused of being a Sabbath-day breaker, the basis of those accusations was not the word of God, but a false understanding of God’s word. Notice how tragically ridiculous the Pharisees’ interpretation of the Sabbath was.

When Jesus warns about fleeing for refuge after the “abomination of desolation” appears, we know that He is talking to Jews because He says that they should pray that their flight would not be on the Sabbath. The greatest discovery of all time, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, occurred after two Sabbath-observing Jewish women went to His burial spot. Yes, today, because of what God told Moses many years ago, the Torah is read every Sabbath day.

Whenever Israel’s blinders are removed and Jews turn to Yeshua the Messiah, they enter into the rest of faith. The Sabbath rest for all mankind is Jesus – all seven days of the week!