What is meant by the redeeming love of God? Simply this: That God in His love has chosen to forgive sinful man of their trespasses through faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, made once and for all, for sin. The ‘motive’ (if I may use the word reverently) behind man’s redemption and salvation is the love of God.

Of course, the attributes of God’s grace and mercy are connected with redemption, but it was in love that we were predestined unto salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is with loving kindness that we are drawn to God. It is through Christ’s remarkable love that we are chosen to have personal fellowship with the Father. God choosing man is an act of sovereign love.

Whenever we remember the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary for our sins, and we partake of the bread and the cup, may our souls be rekindled by the love of God for us. His love has indeed covered a multitude of sins!

We should ask ourselves these questions: As His child, do I possess forgiving love? Is our love for one another deepening or declining? Is it fervent or feeble? Not even faith or hope surpass the love of God, and NOTHING can keep His love from us.