Four times in Exodus 28 the Lord states that Aaron and his sons are to “minister unto Me in the priests’ office”. This entire chapter focuses on the garments they were to wear as priests, which set them apart from the rest of the people. It’s also significant that in order to minister, Aaron and his sons needed to be anointed, consecrated, and sanctified (v.41).

The New Covenant priesthood is made up of all believers in Jesus Christ. We are a royal priesthood. Having been washed from our sins in His own blood, we have been made kings (to rule as joint-heirs) and priests (to minister). The point that I’d like to make, however, is that as priests we are to minister to God. Only as we minister to Him can we effectively minister to people.

Our entire Christian life is wrapped up in this fellowship with Jesus. He invites us to: “Come unto Me,” and “learn of Me”. He calls us to follow Him, and defines eternal life as knowing “the only true God, and Jesus Christ”. Romans 13:14 tells us to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ”. He is our garment of righteousness, and the covering that sets us apart to be priests.

Ministry in this priesthood is not what we do, for whatever is done in our own strength will amount to nothing more than “wood, hay, stubble”; but rather, what Jesus does through us. As we concentrate on His Kingdom and set our focus beyond this place and time, then what God wants us to do will be an overflow of that fellowship.

Remember that God calls us for fellowship. In this communion with God, we both worship Him and minister unto Him. The result is Christ-like living and ministry. This eliminates ‘spinning our wheels’ spiritually, for as we spend time with Jesus, He stirs us to do those things for which we have been saved. There is no rank in this priesthood, no superstars! We readily admit that we are not “that Light”. But we have been redeemed to declare that Light.

May Christ continue to draw you into a deeper and richer fellowship with Him. May the Word of God grow mightily in you. Remember Whom you serve. It’s this Priest that is building His Church.