To say that Jesus is coming soon is a phrase which is met with mixed reactions. For some, it is a blessed hope, but to others it is regarded as religious fanaticism.

According to the holy Scriptures, the same Jesus who died on the cross for our sins, was buried, and rose from the dead, will soon return to set up His Kingdom on this earth. This, my friend, is just one of the many promises that God has given us in His holy Word.

To say that Jesus is “at hand” not only looks to a future event, but it is a present anticipation as well, which has a radical effect upon the way that we live. The nearness of Christ is a comfort in time of trouble, and a source of strength in time of temptation. Each second that ticks away on our clocks brings us that much closer to the time when we will meet our Lord in the air.

Yes, Jesus is at hand both prophetically and practically. But, is that a living reality in your life, or simply a cold, factual doctrine?