The illustrations found in Scripture are so simple yet so profound. One such description is that of the local church, which is part of the body of Christ. Although communion symbolizes the body of Christ, each and every “born again” Christian, both individually and collectively, make up the body of Christ. We the Church are His body. Having established that truth, Paul wrote about how this body is to function.

Every single member has an important part; in fact, especially the ones that we consider to be less desirable. The local church is the sovereign design of God , put together by Jesus Himself. He is the Architect and the Holy Spirit is the “gift Giver”. Our body here has many members, and we are multi-gifted. We must work together, avoiding any appearance or expression of haughtiness. We are called to prefer one another and care for one another. Never can we “un-member” ourselves from the body of Christ.

Repeatedly we are warned about dividing this Body. Why? Because we reflect Jesus to the world. We are a witness, either good or bad. Our response to difficulty or problems is to be different than the groups of this world. The root of all of our activity is to be love. This “love from above” is to motivate our serving, giving, and attitudes.

As I was reflecting on this idea of the church being a body, I began to realize how every member of my body is involved in writing this blog! In fact, I need my entire body to eat, teach, walk, talk, etc. I wasn’t designed like my old toy “Mr. Potato Head” with disjoining members. Saints, you and I are connected! We have been tempered by Deity. No coincidences or errors. Just as each of us needs to be properly “dressed”, likewise we must remove those things that cause harm to the body, thus establishing an atmosphere of peace and holiness. Although we are complete, we”re still far from the finish line in so many ways.

Are you a body builder or a body buster? May each of us seek the “attitudes to be”, and in so doing enjoy the loving environment which is to characterize our membership in Christ’s body. In the shadow of His cross may we press inward and onward together, and may each of us freshly commit ourselves to Jesus and His purposes for us.