As we study the armor of God, what intrigues me is the fact that the protection that God offers to you and me is the very same protection offered to the saints 2000 years ago.

As blessed as we are to have Bible colleges, Bible conferences, Christian radio, tapes, Bible programs on computer, etc., none of these things in and of themselves provide protection against our adversary.

No, what we need today is a fresh visitation of the Spirit of God. Apart from God’s living Spirit dwelling in a person, all that is there is a shell of Christianity – a form of godliness but no real power. All of our understanding of original languages, apart from illumination by the Holy Spirit, is just a cold, dead letter.

The Spirit of God sets us FREE! Just as Jesus was quickened out of that tomb on the third day, so too must the Holy Spirit quicken our mortal flesh.

As we walk after the Spirit, we avail ourselves of that power and protection found in the armor of God.