The account of Jesus dealing with the woman in Luke 7:36-50 is precious indeed. In contrast to the self-righteous Pharisee’s view of this woman stands the compassionate attitude and heart of Jesus toward broken humanity. How awesome it is to see the response of Jesus to our brokenness. Jesus will never despise our bruised condition. Truly, His grace is amazing!

However, we cannot overlook the worshipful response of the woman to the mercy and forgiveness of Jesus. I have no doubt that Jesus had previously ministered to this woman’s heart before their ‘meeting’ face to face. Jesus makes a lasting difference in a person’s life when he or she turns to Him in brokenness.

As we celebrate communion this morning, may we properly remember the sacrifice that Jesus made to pay for our sin debt. Like this woman, may we, Christ’s bride, minister to Jesus our Head in all that we do. Our loving response to the sacrifice of Jesus reflects the depth of our understanding of His incredible forgiveness. We do not serve Jesus in order to be loved; we serve Jesus because we realize we are loved.

As we remember how Jesus ministers to us, let each of us respond with wholehearted worship of Him!