Onesiphorus is referred to by Paul as a brother who often refreshed him.1 The Greek word for refreshed means “to relieve or cool down.” Paul, writing from prison acknowledges thanks for the refreshing ministry of his brother. How important for us to follow in the footsteps of Onesiphorus.

Paul’s desire for the saints in Rome was that they would refresh one another in Christ.2 We are like blades of grass and flowers.3 We need the refreshment that comes from God’s Spirit4, God’s word5, and God’s people.6 All refreshment we receive is but a foretaste of the Kingdom reign of Jesus Christ.7

Ironically, it is in the refreshing of others that we are refreshed ourselves.8 May the grace of Jesus use us to be vessels of refreshment wherever He sends us this week, for that is the will of God for each of us.

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