God is forever watching over us. Forget about “hiding” from Him. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Righteous living, by the grace of God, always catches the Lord’s eye.

God told Israel to walk in obedience to Him and do that which was right in His eyes. How we need to remind ourselves constantly as believers in Jesus that we are to be motivated always to speak and to do the things that are right in His eyes. The Lord’s eyes are “scanning the globe” for people whose hearts are perfect towards Him, for those who are true living sacrifices.

Make no mistake about it, a person is either doing things that are right in the eyes of the Lord or evil. Never try to create a third option! “The eye of the Lord is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in His mercy”. His eyes are upon the righteous and He hears our cries.

Yes indeed saints, Jesus is watching us. In fact, He is watching everyone. Does that bother you or bless you? What is the Lord looking for? People who will do justly, and love mercy, and walk humbly with Him. That is what life is all about.