Moses was one of the mightiest vessels of the Lord. He was indeed a man of faith, but he was also a man of fruit. However, like Elijah, he was a man subject to the passions and temptations in life like every one of us. For example, he had a problem with anger, as evidenced by his destruction of the two tablets and the smiting of the rock with the rod, contrary to God’s command.

As said earlier, Moses was faithful in all that God called him to do. He evidently was one who had a great love for his brethren. He was there to defend those who were under enemy attack. He was there as a peacemaker when the flesh got the best of his fellow Israelites. Yet, like Jesus, Moses was rejected in spite of his great love for them.

What made Moses a man of passion for God, in spite of the daily battles that he, like Paul, no doubt faced from without and within? For sure, the personal encounter with Christ at the burning bush was the “turning point” in his life. I believe every child of God needs an Exodus 3 time in their life before they can go forth and minister in Spirit and Truth. Have you had this?

Secondly, Moses had to unlearn a whole lot of worldly wisdom and attitudes. The world cannot prepare us to serve God. That is the sovereign work of God’s Holy Spirit. His wisdom and the world’s wisdom are direct opposites. Therefore, we need our minds renewed.

Thirdly, Moses made choices that were not “flesh friendly.” Like Moses and his successor Joshua, we need to choose the right kingdom. We need to put off our old manner of life and put on the “right clothes.” Of course, Moses was a man of prayer, of intimate communion with God. To be a person of might in God’s kingdom, therefore, requires a growing knowledge of and obedience to Jesus Christ.

Yield to the Potter today. His grace will enable you. Instead of being a follower of unrighteousness, be a Moses, a leader of righteousness.