The Bible teaches that God created the visible, material universe “ex nihilo” or “out of nothing.”. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” All life and life forms as we see them today were created by Jehovah Elohim (Hebrew for “LORD God”).

Recently, a major religious figure publicly announced that evolution is a scientific fact. To put this another way, he was essentially saying the Book of Genesis is not true literally. Evidently, however, Jesus does not agree, for while He was here on earth He spoke of Adam and Eve in the same light as Genesis 1 and 2.

When Jesus looked into the future to the time known as the Great Tribulation, He declared that no other period in the history of mankind since creation will compare to this time of judgment. The apostle Paul declared that the creation and existence of the visible world attest to some of God’s invisible attributes, such as His power. Due to sin, creation along with man groans and travails just like a woman during childbirth.

Creation and the second coming of Christ will be doctrines of Scripture that will be scoffed at in the last days. Evolution is the “scientific” denial of the existence of the true and living God. It’s a hellish teaching that denies accountability to the One who fearfully and wonderfully made us. Jesus revealed Himself to the church of Laodicea (which typified the apathetic church of the last days) as “the Beginning” (meaning the Power Source or Architect) “of the creation of God”.

People tell us that mankind has evolved and continues evolving since inception. Let me ask you, have oranges evolved? Have redwood trees evolved? Has only man evolved since beginning (“genesis” in Hebrew)? Oh how timely Paul’s words to Timothy are for us today! “There is nothing new under the sun.” Evolution is the “scientific” way to say “I hate God”!

Jesus, who is the Light of every man, is our Creator, and those who reject His words love darkness. Paul said that if anyone preached another gospel than the one God gave to him, they should be accursed. In the future, however, there will be an angel preaching the everlasting gospel and commanding mankind to give glory to the Creator! Our Redeemer and Creator is One and the same, our Lord Jesus.

The heavens declare His glory, and so should we! To know and draw near to our Creator is a source of true strength. Jesus Christ is indeed “the LORD, your Holy One, the Creator of Israel, your King.” Accept no substitutes!