When Isaac blessed “tricky ” Jacob, he prayed that God would give to him the dew of heaven. Dew is moisture that contains the power to refresh. Could it be that this, among other things, is what Isaac desired for his son? I think so. In fact, when “ripped-off” Esau cried for a “left-over” blessing, this heavenly dew was requested for him as well. It’s significant that the sign from heaven that preceded the manna was this dew.

How beautiful a picture this gives us. Jesus, the true Bread of Life, is our source of spiritual refreshment. Dew and manna combine to give us the essentials we need … a model of the simplicity of fellowship with Jesus. Interestingly enough, dew prevented from falling causes a “fruit shortage”. What can cause the heavens to withhold the dew? As in the case of Haggai’s time, misplaced priorities have this undesired result. Therefore, “Seek ye first” is the forerunner of heaven’s dew.

We know from nature itself that this invigorating morning dew passes away, only to reappear the next day. This signifies our need to be spiritually replenished daily. Prayer, praise, time in the Word, and fellowship with other saints are “dew renewal” ingredients. This dew is likened to a spiritual “fountain of youth”. Indeed, to grow up in the Lord and yet remain young and fresh in heart spiritually is to be truly blessed.

Another thing that prevents this refreshing process is division. Whether it be in a marriage or any other relationship, or within any local church, unity precedes the flowing of God’s blessings.

Satan knows all about the power of God’s refreshing dew: how it gives birth to strong marriages, healthy churches, effective evangelism, moral purity, etc. This disgusts our enemy, so to prevent that “morning dew” time with God, he will offer a “cuisine” of, perhaps, newspaper or “informative” radio to get you going.

He knows unity precedes God’s blessings. His solution? Careless, rude speech that really wounds a child, spouse, or member within the Body of Christ. Argue about differences, pick others apart. How about a good old-fashioned complaining, murmuring, or backbiting party? (He’ll even supply the fire for the verbal barbecue!)

Listen, God’s favor is as dew upon the grass, and each one of us is in deep need of His favor. Don’t allow the devil the luxury of enlisting you in an “anti-dew” campaign. The Lord’s cry to the church is to come and receive His dew. May the dew of God’s grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness be poured out upon you.