As if our salvation isn’t enough, Jesus has also promised to reward us for faithful service to Him. Jesus is the Faithful Rewarder. Though made a little lower than the angels, God has crowned man with glory and honor. Each year we see the crowning of God’s goodness. For those who have come to Christ for forgiveness of sin, we are crowned with loving kindness and tender mercies. A Christian wife is a crown to her husband. Grandchildren are a crown to their grandparents. Paul wrote to the Corinthians about an imperishable crown far better than the temporary prize athletes disciplined themselves to obtain. He also believed in self-control, but the joy and crown for which he endeavored was the winning of souls for Jesus.

To be sure, growing requires “playing by the rules”, and faithful saints will not regret the sacrifices and denials in this life because, in exchange for them, Jesus will grant a crown of righteousness. For every temptation that we, by God’s grace, successfully endure, we shall receive the crown of life. For those truly serving in ministry, Jesus promises a crown of glory. For saints facing intense persecution and even martyrdom, the Lord will give a crown of life. Hold on no matter what, that you might not lose your crown.

Amazingly, our crowns are issued because our King also wore a crown. When we stand before Jesus we will not have a crowning ceremony, but we will cast our crowns before His throne and declare that He alone is entitled to be crowned “Worthy”. Are the crowns we place before the throne the ones He wears on His triumphal re-entry to planet earth?

Let’s stay Christ-conscious, not crown-conscious, in order to inspire the love that will enable others to adore the rightful King of all.