Obedience to the word of God is proof of our love for Him. It’s with this kind of person that Jesus finds a “home.” The greatest witness the Body of Christ can present to a lost and dying world is love. The greatest element within the Body of Christ is love. Love is the very heart and soul of day-to-day, practical church life. A Spirit-filled person is a love-filled person.

There need be no question as to how God defines love. This sacrificial love honors and prefers others, bringing church life beyond ritual and into servanthood. Love seizes opportunity to help others, and is tenderhearted, courteous, and compassionate. In fact, love is the capstone of brotherly kindness.

How are we to walk as believers? In love, following Jesus’ example. How does Jesus love you, forgive you, care for you? Unconditionally, without a cause. The only reason I need to love you is that My Lord commands me to! Therefore, faith in Jesus and love for the saints go hand-in-hand.

Love settles quarrels, and it doesn’t keep record of wrongs. Jesus takes serious note when love is missing in His church, desiring instead a place where love abounds. Therefore, continuing in love is vital, and is the royal law of Scripture. God’s message for all of us to embrace is His message of love. This love for our fellow Christian is evidence of genuine rebirth.

Again, this love is far more than lip service. Love for each other is an outstanding debt that each of us owes to our Lord Jesus, and so every time we act, speak or think lovingly towards our church family, we are ‘making a payment’ of thanksgiving to God.

The world cannot love in this truly sacrificial way, which is why we are told not to be enamored with the world. In contrast, the Kingdom of God is ruled by the God who is love, and whose tremendous love towards us is our eternal example.