The church is called, among other things, the body of Christ. Just as we have one body, there is only one body of Christ. The body of Christ, though one body, has many members. We must never lose sight of that Biblical truth. This body, the Church, is the bride for whom Jesus prayed and laid down His life.

Every body has a head, and the head of the Church is Jesus. Can you see how all of this relates to how we are to function practically? One member is not the whole body, no matter how visible or gifted that individual member may be. We were “re-created” to work as one unit, not in competition with one another, but complimentary to one another.

God says that we need one another and to break away from the body is dangerous. In Christ, we are fitly framed together, built together as a dwelling place of the Spirit of God. Personally, I must seek to be a “body-builder.” I must be in prayer for the body and be ever mindful of its needs. I must realize how precious this blood-bought body is. I must remember the command of our Lord Jesus to love this body.

May each and everyone of us walk in that “others-centeredness” that follows the example of Jesus. As we follow Jesus’ example of serving one another, we in reality are serving Him. When the Holy Spirit is flowing in the body, division, discord, and ungodliness disappear because I cannot love Jesus and hate my brothers and sisters.