A person who has trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation is declared just by God (Rom 3:26). As Charles Spurgeon wonderfully wrote, “God will never accuse me of owing for a debt that has already been paid.” When Jesus triumphantly declared, “It is finished!” the New Testament Greek used an accounting term meaning, ‘Paid in full’. What liberating news!

How then shall we live, whom God has justified (that is, made ‘just-as-if-I’d’ never sinned)? In both Old and New Testaments we’re told, “The just shall live by faith.” This is essential because we cannot be pleasing to God without faith.

In the Book of Proverbs we find God promises to bless the habitation of the just. Our God delights in blessing His people. However, we often get so snared by our problems that we are blind to His blessings. Each and every child of God is blessed with the gift of eternal life.

The just are those who do not simply know Jesus, but those who continue to seek Him and grow in His grace. God tells us that the path of the just will be like a shining light, burning brighter every day, culminating in eternity with our Lord. To be assured that we are blessed by God, because we are prone to forget, the Holy Spirit tells us that blessings are upon the head of the just (also translated as “righteous”). These blessings upon the head of the just in turn become valuable speech which flows from the mouth of the just. May our Lord help each of us to export choice silver to others; well-seasoned words, words of wisdom.

Being just does not mean that we are not challenged in this life. No, there are trials and temptations for sure. However, the righteous person seeks God’s knowledge, and in finding and obeying it, he finds deliverance. God’s word assures us that the just come through trouble, even though the wicked are ensnared. The walk of a just person is the greatest advertisement for Jesus Christ, and he passes along blessings to his children.

Oh, the joy that a just person finds in doing God’s will! Oh, the ecstasy to know that we are a part of the resurrection of the just because of God’s grace through Jesus Christ. We are just, only because of the Just One. He, the Just One, died for me, the unjust one, that He might bring me to God.

Living by faith is simply trusting the Just One and enjoying the blessings that He bestows upon us.