Although we live in the dimension of time, it is important for us to think beyond the hands on the clock and the dates on the calendars. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we now have everlasting life.1 That is more than an endless quantity of life; it is a quality of life that is outside of this present evil world.2 We have everlasting life because the everlasting Jesus3 dwells in our hearts. His ways in our lives are for everlasting purposes.4 He alone speaks the words of eternal life into our lives.5

The Bible teaches us to look beyond the temporal and to the eternal.6 The Holy Spirit who is working in us is thinking in terms of eternal, not temporal value.7 This new way of living allows us to be true servants of God.8 This new way of life can see eternal value in temporal afflictions.9 This new way of life is a war10 worth fighting.11

The best of all is that eternal life is a personal relationship with the true and living God and Jesus Christ.12

May we purpose to live in the light of eternity!

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