Does being a Christian eliminate frustration, disappointment, and difficulties in this life? In the sense that we see their existence as temporal, yes, praise Jesus! And we know that they will be completely done away with in the future. However, the fact of life is that these unwelcome occurrences happen to all of us.

None of us are exempt from pain in this life. Though usually beyond our control, these encounters with difficulties can prove to be very rewarding. For one thing, these trials in our lives remind us of how mortal and changeable we are.

We can be a hero one day and a ‘goat’ the next; rich one day and poor the next; healthy one day and sick the next. Man comes and he goes, for our life is but a breath of air. Does that make life meaningless or vain? Of course not!

King Solomon attempted to fill up the valleys of life with the things of this world. Jackpot! The ancient “Jerusalem Post” could have read: “Solomon wins lottery!” One might think, then, “Oh boy! No more poverty, no more depression, no more frustration.” Solomon had, as the song goes, “the whole world in his hands.” Or did he?

You and I may think that if we had what Solomon had our lives would change. And, do you know what? They would. Solomon’s did. But not really for the better. He took the riches of the world, but forsook the Lord. The result? Frustration, disappointment, emptiness. No, we cannot eliminate our problems; and only through a vital relationship with Jesus Christ can we successfully cope with them.

Don’t be like Solomon, who looked to quiet the storms of life in an outward fashion. The answer lies not in your pocket, on your back, or in your head. The answer lies in your heart.