How much better and blessed are the plans of the Lord in comparison to ours! What if the beggar in Acts 3 got what he was asking for, silver and gold? For a short period of time things might have been a bit easier for him in some respects, but in due time the money would have run out. He would have been “back to square one”, begging again. No pun intended, but our plans are lame compared to Christ’s. We think of the near future, the 50-yard dash, but He considers the long haul, the marathon.

The reply from Peter to the lame man, “such as I have give I thee”, is God’s will for each of us today! In Mark 2 a man was brought to Jesus looking only for a physical miracle, but “such as I have give I thee” was the response from Deity, giving salvation and healing! We are so prone to settle for the “silver and gold” when Jesus has so much more for us. The Lord wants our lives to be fruitful. The Lord wants to give us strength in the hour of temptation.

Does that mean that we can say farewell to trials and tests? No, but what it does mean is that when we say, “not my will, but Thy will be done in my life, dear Lord Jesus”, His response will be, “such as I have give I thee.” Of course, God has given us the greatest gift in His Son, Jesus.

Jesus is the source of our faith and power in the very midst of life’s pits. Oh yes, there are tears; but there is also joy, tremendous joy, even in life’s prisons because “such as I have give I thee” is the answer to every prayer. Praise God for His sufficient grace!

Jesus is at work in your life today. He is the Potter molding, spinning, and shaping you into a beautiful vessel of honor. But by demanding that He shape you according to the lame request for “silver and gold” – the temporal and material – is potentially forfeiting “such as I have give I thee.” Stop begging and start praising God for blessing you with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus!