Mark 4:35-37 And the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side. And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship. …And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.

Every follower of Jesus is going to encounter storms in life. Some of them are caused by unwise choices that are made outside of the will of God. Some of them are the result of being in the very center of the will of God. In every storm, there is the purpose of God, the will of man, and the counterattack of the enemy. Jesus had been teaching the disciples the word, and now He would give them a practical test to see how much they had learned. Thus, He tells them to get into a boat and launch to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. No mystery or cryptic message here. Thus, they launch out, and suddenly they find themselves in the midst a great storm. Their boat is being tossed to and fro, filling with water. The experienced fishermen – Peter, Andrew, James and John – are unable to control the boat, let alone the storm. The frightened disciples wake Jesus up from a sound sleep and ask Him, “…do You not care that we are about to perish?” (Mark 4:38)

Where is Jesus during this storm? He is with the disciples but is sleeping. (He is not bothered or threatened by the storm,) Where is Satan? He is in the midst of the storm. Jesus wakes up and He rebukes the wind and tells the sea to be still. The words that Jesus used to rebuke the storm were also used for dispossessing a demon of his power in Mark 1:25. No doubt the enemy was seeking to thwart the purposes of God. But as soon as Jesus spoke those words, the storm was muzzled and there was a great calm. One word from the lips of The Master can turn a great storm into a great calm. The Lord God rules and reigns over every demon and storm of life. Jesus then asked the disciples why they were afraid and of little faith.

Beloved, chances are that some of you are in a storm of some sort this morning. Look to the Savior, not the storm. Your times are in His hands. Selah